The Iron Belt - NMRA 2006

Three versions of my NMRA 2006 Iron Belt Powerpoint presentation at Philadelphia, PA, are now available:

The Iron Belt - PDF format (Size=15MB) - A PDF version of the presentation; Offers much of the same functionality as Powerpoint, while also allowing you to enlarge (zoom into) selected photos. Requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader (to download a free copy, click the button at right)

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The Iron Belt - HTML A summary collection of the same PowerPoint slides, each one rendered as an 800-by-500-pixel image, to bypass the lengthy download time that might result during low-bandwidth Internet connections. (No train movement diagrams)

The Iron Belt - PDF file, ZIP format (Size=15MB) - A WinZip archive, from which you can extract a fully-functional PDF version of the July 6 Powerpoint presentation after downloading and saving locally. PDF requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader to view.

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